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Ft. Gao's Kabob & Crab
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Gao’s Crab & Kabob

Feast your eyes on Gao’s unique and glorious Seafood & Kabobs! We are known for our mouth-watering charcoal grilled kabobs and Cajun style seafood boils. Get down with a flavor explosion with original recipes!

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Chinese BBQ

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Gao’s Crab

Check out our amazing seafood boil with seasonal and fresh selections. We also have fresh frozen seafoods too for all year round!

Check out our original flavors!

  • House Cajun (Garlic Butter Cajun)
  • 13 Sices Chinese Style (With Peppercorn)
  • NOLA Style (Butter & Chili Powder)
  • Lemon Pepper (Garlic Butter Lemon Pepper)

Gao’s kabob

Charcoal bbq skewers and a beer are life long best friends.

Must try the Xinjiang Special Lamb, BBQ Small Beef Skewer, Clams & Rice Noodle Cooked In Tin Foil.